What You Should Know About Us

What You Should Know About Us

We're the go-to deli in Nacogdoches, TX

Whether you're craving a cookie or giant stuffed baked potato, Olde Towne Restaurant & General Store can satisfy your appetite.

We're more than just a popular restaurant in Nacogdoches, TX. Our multi-faceted operation fills many roles, such as:

  • A bakery
  • A deli
  • A caterer
  • A general store

Stop in today to browse through our wide selection of souvenirs, jams, shirts and other merchandise.

You are our #1 priority

When you want to chow down on fresh, tasty and surprisingly affordable meals, come to Olde Towne Restaurant & General Store. Our dedicated staff works hard to please every palate. That's why our menu includes many delicious options. We offer everything from healthy, light dishes to filling cheat-day meals.

Many residents of Nacogdoches, TX and surrounding areas appreciate our commitment to quality. Each item on our menu is prepared using fresh local ingredients.